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apple developer enterprise account for rent:GameStop Will Get A Share Of Digital Game Sales On Xbox


GameStop is selling digital-only consoles from both Xbox and Sony this year, including the PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S. That seems like handing your executioner the gun when so much of your business is based on selling used games, but an apparent agreement to split digital revenue between Microsoft and GameStop could explain the retailer's willingness to support the systems alongside the disc-based Xbox Series X and standard PS5.The investment advising firm DOMO Capital Management shared on Twitter that GameStop will receive a share of digital revenue for any Xbox system purchased at one of its stores or online. This includes game downloads and other digital content.Today $GME confirmed with @DOMOCAPITAL that the agreement with $MSFT includes revenue sharing on all downstream revenue (i.e. digital downloads and digital content) from any device that GameStop brings into the @Xbox ecosystem. GameStop now meaningfully participates in digital.,

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