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us apple developer accounts for sale:High Court rules breast cancer gene cannot be patented


The High Court has ruled that a breast cancer gene cannot be patented. (9NEWS stock) Tweet Facebook Mail The High Court has ruled that breast cancer gene BRCA-1 cannot be patented.Cancer survivor Yvonne D'Arcy brought about legal action against US company Myriad Genetics over the ownership of the gene.The case centred around concerns that ownership of the gene patent could limit research and development of treatments for genetic diseases.Ms D'Arcy had argued that genes existed in nature, so therefore were discovered rather than invented.Myriad Genetics argued in court that patents ensured innovation could be commercialised for everyone's benefit.In 2013, the United States Supreme Court also ruled against the patent, ruling that naturally-occurring DNA was a product of nature and not patentable.The court recognised, however, that synthetic DNA created in a laboratory was not a product of nature and could be patented.RelatedCoronavirus: Victoria to lockdown COVID-19 hotspots amid state's outbreak spikePlanes diverted, roads watched,

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