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apple developer enterprise account for rent:Why Sylvia Jeffreys wants Australia to change its rules on organ donation


Tweet Facebook Mail TODAY Show newsreader and journalist Sylvia Jeffreys has called for the federal government to change organ donation to an opt-out system, highlighting the case of a little girl who needs a new heart.In 2014 only 16.1 people, per million, signed up to donate their organs in the event of their death, ranking Australia 20th on the list of countries with the most donors, according to ANZDATA.If Australians donated at the rate of world leaders Spain, an estimated 1100 extra lives per year could be saved, with one donor potentially prolonging the lives of 10 people.Government body Donate Life currently operates on an opt-in system, which it says is driven on an ethical basis around freedom of choice.But Jeffreys said the onus should be on those in the minority who do not wish to donate for their own reasons.,

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