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apple developer account:Umbrella Academy Season 2: Watch The Opening Scene Now


Netflix's Umbrella Academy Season 2 is set to premiere on July 31, but in case even that wait feels too long, we've got a special sneak peek at the new season's opening scene for you right here, right now.The scene really sets up just how well and truly out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire the Hargreeves siblings' plight is after their cliffhanger ending back in Season 1. In case you need a brief refresher of exactly what went down, we've got you covered--but the extra abbreviated version is that they avoided the apocalypse by time traveling. Or, well, they attempted to avoid the apocalypse by time traveling. As it turns out, jumping back in time tends to create more problems than it solves, and the clip shows Five (Aidan Gallgher) living those repercussions. In this version of history, the Cold War has escalated into an actual armed conflict and the Soviets have invaded Dallas in the 1960s.To put it lightly, things are not going very well. Sure, the moon may not be actively falling from the sky to wipe out humanity, but the nuclear bombs being dropped are basically accomplishing the same task.So now the Hargreeves siblings have to jump back to action and save the world all over again--however dysfunctional and tenuous their teamwork and people skills may be.In GameSpot's review, we singled out Umbrella Academy's willingness to allow the characters to grow and change, despite the repeated world-ending catastrophes. "The situation may be a familiar one, but the Hargreeves siblings are no longer the people they were back when they tried to save the world the first time. It wouldn't be totally accurate to say that Umbrella Academy is ever "grounded"--one of the lesser antagonists this season is a sentient goldfish who smokes cigarettes by sucking up smoke-filled air bubbles in his tank--but the characters themselves feel authentic and flawed (maybe even a little too flawed at times.)"Umbrella Academy Season 2 arrives on Netflix July 31.

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