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buy apple developer account:Fallout 76 Community Event Prepares For The Brotherhood Of Steel


The Brotherhood of Steel is coming to Fallout 76 and players can earn rewards for preparing for the faction's arrival. A new NPC, Russell Dorsey, believes that the Brotherhood is headed to the ATLAS Observatory and players need to bring materials there.The community will receive rewards for meeting an overall goal for materials over the next couple weeks, unlocking rewards including Brotherhood of Steel-themed cosmetics, a Purveyor Super Sale, and a Double S.C.O.R.E. Daily event. Each time a player donates materials they will also receive an ATLAS Donor's Provisions pack, which contains rewards and a chance at rare plans.The event is broken into two parts, Fortifying ATLAS Project Alpha and Project Beta.FORTIFYING ATLAS: PROJECT ALPHACollection DatesObjectiveRewardAugust 4,

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