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The vacancies in the Dewan Negara should be allocated to at least two senators to represent the OKU (people with disabilities) sector to better highlight issues affecting the disabled community, said the Malaysian Mental Health Association.Its president, Dr Andrew Mohanraj told Malaysiakini today that many stakeholders have sought for two or three slots in the vacancies to be allocated to individuals representing the OKU community, with at least one to represent the mental disability segment of the community.He noted that there is a universal trend for mainstream mental health issues to be seen as cross-cutting involving different sectors and stakeholders, hence the need for persons with mental health issues and their family members to be represented in the legislature to ensure their interests are highlighted in the Upper House.Mohanraj said the matter is urgent as currently neither the Dewan Rakyat nor the Dewan Negara has a member who is knowledgeable or an expert on mental health and also due to the absence of an ombudsman-like body in Malaysia to safeguard the interest of persons with mental illness and their caregivers.,

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