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THE prime minister is scheduled to announce the easing of movement restrictions for the fully vaccinated, allowing them to take part in sport activities, travel and dine out.

In June, national coordinating minister for immunisation Khairy Jamaluddin said, looking at the data, it is his view Covid-19 could very well become endemic.quite some time.

When will Covid 19 become endemic in our country? 

Until there is definite data that vaccines do block transmission and are effective against newer variants of the virus, it may be possible to eliminate the virus when enough people are vaccinated so that they can protect those who are not, contributing to herd immunity. A vaccine that is 90% effective at blocking transmission will need to reach at least 55% of the population to achieve temporary herd immunity as long as some social distancing measures — such as face masks and many people working from home — remain in place to keep transmission in check.

As infections continue to increase worldwide, and with so many people still susceptible, scientists still technically class it as in a pandemic phase for several reasons, including vaccine hesitancy and the emergence of new variants. 

Viruses, like the flu, mutate over time, meaning antibodies from a previous infection won’t provide protection for long. The only way to outrun the mutation is to have the countries in the world vaccinate as many of their citizens as possible. Unfortunately this is not happening in reality,

If there are no vaccines for children – Malaysia has approximately seven million in the age group 0 to 14 –  it means many more adults will need to be immunised.

And then there are our neighbours. If the neighbouring countries are not vaccinating their people and the populations are able to mix, the potential for new outbreaks remains. 

When will Malaysia reach the “safer” threshold?

To date, we have fully vaccinated 6.1 million, or 19% of the population of 32 million and given one dose to 12.8 million, or 40% of the population.

Upon this 40% completing their second dose, 59% of the population be fully vaccinated.

Is the country’s effort going to stall at this level? Apparently only four countries and territories –Gilbratar, Malta, Iceland and Cayman Island – out of approximately 214 in the whole world has achieved vaccination in excess of 70% to date. Thirty-six other countries have vaccinated  50% to 70% of their population while everyone else   50% including the UK and US. 

Meanwhile, the rapidly spreading Delta variant threatens to overwhelm the world.

Vaccine uptake has been affected by issues such as accessibility and unverified reports of difficulties signing up on MySejahtera, long waiting time, dispensation of empty syringes, people forbidden from to taking videos or photos of the vaccination process, changes in vaccine  brand availability and allocation and priority groups as signs of incompetence or mistakes on the part of government,did influencedthe vaccine uptake. 


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