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BARCELONA - By the door to their humble apartment, a Spanish family beset by disabilities keeps a few bags with essential belongings in case the threat of eviction turns real.

Since May, Noemi Oset, her daughters aged 9 and 23, and her partner have avoided being dislodged from the two-bedroom Barcelona apartment three times. They have squatted there since 2019, unable to afford the rising rent of their old house.

The last time, a crowd of neighbours and activists gathered round to drive away the eviction officials.

But the family fears they will try again in September, even though there is a ban on evictions of vulnerable families in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of other families risk being kicked out before the end of the year.

"For me, this is a 21st century torture," said Oset, 45.

Oset has a visual disability and immune-system illness that bars her from work. She receives a 357-euro ($423) monthly subsidy.

But the pandemic had made her more concerned about her health - and dented her partner's salary as Spain's economy fell a record 11% in 2020.

The partner Oriol, 43, lost his job as a carpenter at a hardware store that had to shut temporarily due to coronavirus lockdowns. He is working there again now but his salary is seized because of debts, Oset said.

Their apartment, crammed with dusty boxes and with chipped and peeling walls, is inside an unsightly two-storey building in a small street near Barcelona's Camp Nou soccer stadium.

In March 2020, the government banned home evictions of certain vulnerable groups. But Oset's family is excluded despite meeting most conditions, showing the policy's limitations in a country with one of Europe's smallest social housing pools and where rents have risen in the past decade.

The eviction ban was extended last week until Oct. 31, as well as a compensation package for landlords.

Despite the ban, around 11,000 evictions took place in the first quarter, legal data showed - and Catalonia had the highest regional figures.

In 2020 more than 29,000 evictions took place across Spain, well below 2019's 54,000. There are few official estimates on the moratorium's impact but Barcelona city hall said in March 80% of evictions had ceased.

Housing organisation PAH estimated the end of the ban would lead to 79,000 new evictions, above the levels seen in 2012-2013 after Spain's financial crisis.

Echoing Spain's landlord association ASVAL, it said the extension does not address an underlying housing crisis and called for an increase in social housing and subsidised rents.

The government said in February it would dedicate 1 billion euros to social housing, but a reform remains stalled.



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