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亚马逊云账号( rolls out first gloves production



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KUALA LUMPUR: Dynacare Sdn Bhd, the 60 per cent owned subsidiary of Johan Holdings Bhd has begun commercial gloves production of its first high capacity double-former dipping line on Nov 27, 2021.In a statement, Johan said the rollout followed the completion of the 7.198 hectares acquisition in the Lumut Port Industrial Park in Perak on Nov 26."Dynacare is expected to commission subsequent dipping lines in stages with a total of six dipping lines in commercial production by February 2022," it said.It said the manufacturing plant would utilise the latest energy-efficient technologies to ensure the minimum use of energy and maximise the usage of renewable energy to reduce the carbon footprint of ESGloves, a Dynacare’s flagship house-brand of nitrile gloves.The plant would also utilise the best-available-techniques to treat, recycle and reuse water to ensure the production processes have the least impact to the environment.Dynacare would also develop its contract manufacturing business for international clients as it believes in building long-term synergistic and sustainable partnerships with global brand owners, the group said."With the emergence of the new Covid-19 variant in several countries, Dynacare has received a deluge of enquiries from both local and international glove buyers from countries in North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific," the group said.The glove manufacturing outfit would have 42 high-capacity dipping lines with a production capacity of 12 billion pieces of gloves per annum when completed, while the Phase 1 would have a production capacity of 1.8 billion pieces of gloves per annum.The group is expecting the sales orders of the gloves business to start contributing to revenue and contribution by the second quarter of financial year 2022 (Q2FY2022).Johan is confident that Dynacare would contribute positively to the group's bottom line. - Bernama


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