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亚马逊云账号( unaware of any reason for sharp fall in share price



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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Bhd (MGRC) is not aware of any corporate development or other reasons for the sharp fall in its share price recently.The genomics firm, which provides healthcare services such as genetic screening and cancer-related immunotherapy, said its board has made due enquiry on the matter with the company’s directors, major shareholders and such other relevant persons.In its reply to Bursa Malaysia Securities’ unusual market activity query, MGRC said it however remains unaware of any corporate development, including those at the stage of negotiation or discussion, as well as any rumour, report or other possible explanations for the trading activity."Further, the board of directors wishes to confirm that the company is in compliance with Bursa Securities Listing Requirement, in particular Paragraph 9.03 of the LR on immediate disclosure obligations,” it added.Its shares fell 50 sen to RM1.17 at midday break. - Bernama


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