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aws「账号」( Sing hits 2021 sales target, plans RM2.4bil property launches in 2022



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KUALA LUMPUR: After announcing it had achieved its sales target of RM1.6bil in 2021, Mah Sing Group Bhd says it is aiming to launch RM2.4bil of properties this year in anticipation of an improved performance.The higher launch target, which compares to RM1.4bil in 2021, is underlined by the group's expectation of an accelerating property market recovery in the event of stable global and domestic economic growth."Mah Sing will continue to create affordable range properties, recognising that the younger generation has a significant need for such residences," it said in a statement.Following successful sales campaigns in 2021 such as "HOME with Mah Sing, "Mah Sing NOW" and "Come Home 2 Mah Sing", the group announced the launch of its "LIFT OFF with Mah Sing" campaign that will showcase 21 projects over the year and reward buyers with attractive perks, savings and incentives as well as low monthly payments.For 2021, the property group attributed its sales achievement to its core strategy of digital marketing and affordable properties at strategic locations, such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor."The majority of 2021 property sales were from the affordable range M Series, which are strategically located throughout Malaysia in the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor," it said.It added that the key earnings contributors were M Vertica, M Centura, M Luna and Meridin East with contributions also from M Oscar, M Arisa, M Adora, Southville City, Feringghi Residence, Southbay CIty, Sierra Perdana, Meridin @ Medini and IPARC.
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